Bethaney Clark Massage Therapy

Services and Rates

At this time, my fees are based on my Signature Massage. For the duration of your session, I will use Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point therapies at your preference and as needed.


30 minutes - $45

50 minutes - $60

80 minutes - $75



30 minutes - These sessions are ideal for use during an period of recovery or when you have an acute issue. The shorter session means direct and focused effort on one or two areas of concern. 3 short sessions in a 7-10 day period work wonders for that nagging issue, or to keep you in good condition. Use a larger package and save it for use once a month, around your 'deload' weeks or for quarterly maintenance. 

  • 3 - $120
  • 6- $240
  • 9 - $350
  • 12 - $450 (best value - 2  free sessions) 

50 minutes - A more diverse option, these sessions can be used weekly, every other week, monthly, or twice a week. The longer session time allows for more time for relaxation and to address any treatment needs. 

  • 4 - $215
  • 8 - $425
  • 12 - 615 (best value - 2 free!)

80 minutes - The ultimate session. This is plenty of time to address the entire body. Providing the best results for relaxation, lower blood pressure and extra attention on the spot that's bugging you. Weekly, monthly, every other week...whatever you choose, when you purchase a package, you can increase or decrease the frequency at your leisure. 

  • 4 - $280
  • 8 - $550
  • 12 - $780 (best value - $120 off regular price)

Additional Services: 

Aromatherapy (+$10)

Hot Stone (+15)

Acupressure FaceLift (+20)

Energy Work/ Chakra Balance (+30)

Note that some of these modalities require additional time. Please ask any questions, and mention preferences during the scheduling process so we can discuss the right timing for you. 

You are always in charge of the type of massage you want!